EAP Program

We, as business people, have to think about this problem differently. Rather than think about mental health as a healthcare or benefits problem, perhaps we should think about it as a strategy. What if you, as a business, focused on mental health as your strategy to grow, innovate, and adapt?

In other words, rather than think about mental health as an illness or problem to solve, what if we designed our companies to be positive places at the start?

It isn’t a completely new idea, but it’s something we as an Institute think every company should consider.

Our employee assistance program helps company leaders, employees and HR departments in achieving growth and objectives. 

Our trainings and presentations include professional advice and counseling, towards creating a long-term mental well-being strategy. Concepts such as workplace anxiety, work productivity, motivation, collaboration, crisis intervention, leadership skills, resilience and company psychology are essential for your team’s mental well-being and a core component of our specialized program. 

We offer both 1-day workshop and 2-day intensive trainings that includes psychoeducational presentations and experiential activities focused on all key aspects of a company, in order to provide a holistic approach and understanding of a company’s needs. 

Each program can be personalized based on the demands of each company. 

Please email us at info@altiusmindinstitute to schedule an appointment.